Canvas at choice

The image chosen for the canvas, could tell his or her passions/hobbies and loves. Also, a picture conveniently reworked as a painting would allow the memory of your dear one to remain with you, with style and discretion.



The printing is carried out on cotton canvas, with Roland Eco colours lightproof for up to 100 years.


The personalization is essential. Tell us about him or her and together will find an iconic picture to remember at the very best their memory.


The portrait is a particular procedure to transform a regular picture into a painting. Drawn by pen or watercolour? to you the choice.

Some images from our archive

Which were his or her passions? what did he or she love? Did he or she love to travel?
Paris, London or Rome, the eternal city?

Did he or she love the sea or the mountain? Did he or she love bikes or cars?