Coco Organic Urn

An absolute novelty for the European market, a real rebirth from the ashes.
As in the myth of the Phoenix that is reborn from its ashes, our loved ones can be reborn in nature.
With the organic Coco urn it will be possible to choose to reunite our loved one on land rather than at sea.



The biological Urn is an ethic choice, as well.
How much room we have yet to steal and how much cement we should use to widen cemeteries?


Taking care of a sprig or a flower that grows in symbiosis with the ashes of a dear one, it would be taking care of his or her memory. The plant will become a living symbol of an immortal love.


Choosing a Biological Urn or the Painting version is a choice that cut short the, already, considerable expenses for the departed management.our products are of quality and of a reasonable cost.

100% biodegradable organic urn


The Coco biological urn radically revises the way of thinking about life after death. Deciding to reunite our affection through nature in the form of a tree or in the immensity of the sea is a gesture of profound respect and love that honors her memory.
The Coco organic urn is an ecological and eco-sustainable product made entirely of MaterBi material. MaterBi is the only 100% ecological and compostable material.
Thanks to its particular design, the Urn is designed to dissolve in the environment within a few months, allowing the roots to feed on the ashes. If, on the other hand, you decide to carry out a burial at sea, the urn will take a few minutes before diving, leaving behind a trail of bubbles.
It will be a very touching and full emotion moment.

Coco Organic Urn
Instructions for use

  • Burial on Earth
    Create an opening in the ground at least 40 cm deep and insert the urn with the ashes. Cover the urn with a generous layer of soil and place a plant of your choice on top of it.

  • Burial in the Sea / Lake 
    Place the urn with the ashes inside in a vertical position (the point towards the sky) in the water. After about 7 minutes the urn will gently descend into the water leaving behind a trail of bubbles. Choose a spot that is at least 300 meters from the coast.